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Clark's remains alive and doing well - serving our customers with three options:

  1. Dine In
  2. Take out - use our drive up window
  3. Outside seating

Thanks to our loyal customers for coming out to support us. We are extremely grateful that you have continued to make us part of your celebrations (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries) and your family dinners. We will continue to serve you any way that is possible.

– Kathy Pacana, Clark's Restaurant Owner

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about us

Over the past 22 years, local family-owned Clarks Restaurant has consistently and frequently been mentioned in lists of best burgers and milkshakes to be found near the city of Aberdeen as well as in the Grays Harbor area of southwest Washington state - and has won "Best Burger" awards many of the years during that time period. Partially due to that good culinary reputation, Clarks has developed a devoted fan base drawn to the routinely tasty creations on their menu.

Customers have become especially fond of the deluxe cheeseburger and blackberry milkshake - as these are the most frequent top-sellers at the diner - and if the deluxe cheeseburger does not suit your taste buds, Clarks' customers have also placed  the mushroom burger not far behind in their list of favorite burgers. Of course, what goes better with deluxe cheeseburger and/or a mushroom burger and milkshakes than French fries? Clarks' produces their fries the "old-fashioned" way - hand-cut - and that is one reason why their hand-cut French fries are yet another consistent favorite of the Clarks' regulars.

If a burger is not your cup of tea, Clarks also offers a wide array of other sandwich options and of the non-burger offerings, the venerable BLT [bacon, lettuce and tomato] is the another typical favorite of Clarks' customers.

Whenever people are searching for the best places to eat near Aberdeen, in the Grays Harbor area or along Highway 101 in southwest Washington state, they are typically seeking out the best affordable food they can find. Clarks Restaurant is an award-winning diner that not only offers what people are seeking for their cuisine needs but also a pleasant dining experience along with the affordable good food.

Clarks is a local family-owned establishment and it is precisely that local family-oriented flavor which many of their frequent customers find so appealing and fueling their return visits. The original restaurant was born many years ago as another locally-owned restaurant noted for their quality and family-centric environment and that tradition has been carried on into the present through both the rustic decor as well as the quick and pleasant service. Much of the current decor in Clarks Restaurant - whether a piece of furniture, an original seating area design, a piece of forestry equipment or an old black and white photograph of the good old days gone by - is either a direct or indirect link to the storied past of the area or the restaurant itself.

But even if the people searching for that elusive perfect dining experience do not have as much time as they would like to soak in the Clarks atmosphere, they can still get their fill of Clarks good food via their efficient and much-appreciated drive-thru service - and take it on the road with them and remind them to return one day in the future.

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